Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Change of generation at AFAG

The private trade fair organiser AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH from Bavaria is entering its third generation. Henning and Thilo Könicke will form the new dual leadership.

Thilo and Henning Könicke (Photo: ©AFAG Messe und Ausstellungen GmbH)

Henning Könicke (30) and Thilo Könicke (36) are the sons of the previous managing directors and brothers Heiko and Hermann Könicke. The two new managing directors have been working as department heads since 2012 and have been members of the board of management and co-partners of AFAG since 2015.

Advisory capacity to the two new managers

Henning Könicke will be in charge of the central areas of project management, new business, sales and corporate communication. Thilo Könicke will be responsible for the administrative areas personnel, finances, law and the central areas events, event technology and trade fair organisation.

Heiko and Hermann Könicke, who began their trade fair careers at the Hamburg Messe organisation and at AFAG in Nuremberg, had been the managing partners of the company since 1978. The two senior executives will be available as co-partners for some time in an advisory capacity to the two new managers.


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