Friday, 18 October 2019
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Lift Technology wins innovation prize

The winner of the first "degewo innovation prize: Smart Up the City 2017" has been announced: Lift Technology came out on top in the finale with its solution for lifts, the so-called Lift Guardian.

From left to right: Christoph Beck, Director of degewo AG, Daniel Ehlers, Managing Director of Lift Technology GmbH, Tim Gunold, Managing Director of Lift Technology GmbH, and Ulrich Jursch, Managing Director of degewo netzWerk GmbH. (Foto: © Tina Merkau)

The software solution permits real-time monitoring of lift technology using lift sensors. These provide all data in real time in a dashboard. Consequently, the Lift Guardian can inform you of a potential lift breakdown, to facilitate pro-active intervention before the lift breaks down.

The prize was awarded for the first time for applicable digital technologies, services and business models related to the topics of real estate management, energy supply, building automation, mobility and communication. There were 74 applications from around the world.

Feasibility for a pilot project is checked

"The Lift Guardian made a good impression due to its feasibility. By means of the white box attached to the lift and fitted with sensors, the ‘black box’ lift becomes a transparent instrument," explained Ulrich Jursch, managing director of the degewo netwWerk GmbH and responsible for Smart City at degewo.

"We are now checking the feasibility for a pilot project as the next step." degewo director Christoph Beck added, "The Lift Guardian has the potential for German world market leadership, since pre-emptive maintenance of lifts is absolutely unique on the market."

Tim Gunold, managing partner of the winning start-up Lift Technology, was not only pleased about the prize money of € 3,000. "A pilot project with the biggest Berlin residential construction company is vital for us to establish our product on the market."

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