Monday, 20 January 2020
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On the death of Joachim Ramrath

The lift industry is mourning Joachim Ramrath. From 2002 to 2011, he was a member of the Board of Management of VFA-Interlift, responsible for "Press and publicity work."

The lift industry is mourning one of its long-standing companions and experts in the field of controllers. (Photo: © VFA-Interlift e. V.)

This was in line with his abilities as author: while he was active in the industry, he composed several dozen specialist articles, which were published in the trade press.

Co-founder of Böhnke + Partner Steuerungstechnik

Joachim Ramrath (born 1957), first qualified as an electrician in his hometown of Wuppertal. Further training as a master electrician at Schmersal Aufzüge enabled him to enter the lift industry.

In 1991, he established Böhnke + Partner Steuerungstechnik, together with several co-partners, who all already had experience in the field of controllers. It was not least due to his commitment that the company developed over time into one of the leading controller providers.

He already took part in the interlift in Augsburg with Böhnke+ Partner in 1994. Subsequently, he could not only be found at the company’s own stand, but also repeatedly with one or other talk at the VFA-Forum.

Ramrath retired in 2014

The management of Böhnke + Partner agreed to sell the company to the Schmersal Group in 2013. Joachim Ramrath continued to work as managing director of the subsidiary.

Due to health problems, he decided to retire a year later and return to his adoptive country Denmark. Joachim Ramrath died at home on 18 May 2018 after a lengthy illness and was interred quietly at his own request.

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