Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Multi-talents for service and modernisation

Schaefer has supplemented four switch and display styles with new versions. The elements referred to by the brief, inconspicuous name affix "MOD" are genuine multi-talents.

(Photo: © Schaefer GmbH)

The new "MOD" versions all have a large screw terminal and are optionally available as 6V and multi-voltage versions (12-120 V DC / 30-120 V AC) – i.e. with expanded voltage range. As a result, they are above all suitable for unproblematic exchange in service operation and for use in modernisation.

RGB-LED – adjustable LED colour

In addition, the LED colour of the EB 42 MOD and B 45 MOD switches and ED 42 MOD and D 45 MOD displays can be set with a rotary switch. A choice of eight different LED colours is available.

This reduces the storage requirements for service, since the number of variants for elements of different voltage ranges and LED colours is greatly reduced. Moreover, operator’s requests for a change of the LED colour can be met quickly and in a customer-friendly manner on the spot without having to replace the switches and displays.

In addition, the B 45 MOD switch and D 45 MOD displays are also available in an especially sturdy design (Class 3+). These exceed the requirements for vandalism protection according to EN 81-71 class 2 by far. They resist twice the impact energy (demanded according to EN 81-71 class 2) and in addition comply with protection class IP 54.

The new versions
– Switch "B 45 Q IX MOD" and display "D 45 Q IX MOD"
– Switch "B 45 R IX MOD" and display "D 45 R IX MOD"
– Switch "EB 42 XI Mod bicolour" & display "ED 42 XI MOD"
– Switch "RT 42 IX MOD" & display "RA 42 IX MOD"
– Switch "MT 42 IX MOD" and illuminated field "LF 9948 MOD"


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