Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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No more false SOS Calls

The Digicom company presents their first lift camera. Based on customers’ reports, in 10% of SOS calls nobody answers to the operator.

(Photo: Digicom)

According to the company, the Lift Remote Camera is the first system developed to solve the problem of false calls received by the Help Desk.

Easy and quick installation

The operator of the Help Desk can display the real situation inside the lift car, receiving a snapshot, after the alarm button has been pushed or on demand. The image is sent with a low resolution to reduce the privacy problems.

The installation on the CAR ceiling is easy and quick. Just three small holes and the Camera is installed. Lift Remote Camera is connected to the new 3G Gateway IoT through 2 wires and it sends the image to the Help Desk when an alarm call starts.

No infrastructure cost

3G Gateway IoT (equipped with internal battery) connects to the car dialer simulating the PSTN line. No costs for the PSTN line. No more problems of NGN (Next Generation Network) and backup! The transmission of the email in attach eliminates any infrastructure cost for the SOS center.

Digicom is an Italian company, part of B810 Group, born in 1977 that designs, develops and sales solution for telecommunications. Digicom’s Lift Division has been offering for more than 10 years communication solutions for the lift of the future with products aimed to the personal safety in the lift car and for the Internet connection (EEIoT).

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