Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Partners on the way up for 20 years

This year, Langer & Laumann Ing.-Büro GmbH, based in Nordwald (Germany), is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Laumann. (Foto: © Lisa Grälken-Voss/Langer & Laumann)

What began as a “friend-to-friend project” of Matthias Langer and Michael Laumann is today an internationally successful company.

A 20-year company anniversary – you’ve come a long way! What used to be different?
Michael Laumann: “When I came into the office 20 years ago, I only had a couple of employees to greet. Today, more than 25 highly qualified employees work at the company – there are far more people than there used to be, which I’m very pleased about. The various departments only came into being when the workforce grew. People used to have to lend a hand wherever help was needed. Today, there are teams specialised in all kinds of activities. What Langer & Laumann is responsible for has also changed over the years The earlier production of lift controllers or various special controllers for all kinds of applications has been dropped to enable us to concentrate today completely on the door controller.

What was the most important milestone in your view?
Michael Laumann: In my eyes, it was the launch of the door controller we developed, which was in 2005. As a result, we can supply solutions for all doors in need of renovation at short notice.

Are you proud of your company?
HandwerkMatthias Langer:
Of course I’m proud, because we’ve achieved this success together with our devoted colleagues. And this includes everyone.

What is your USP?
Michael Laumann:
The speed at which we serve our customers. We deliver within 24 hours.
Matthias Langer: Outstanding products, qualified employees and a high degree of flexibility.

What changes and challenges can be expected in the near future and what do your future plans look like?
Matthias Langer:
At the moment and also in the coming years, we’ll be tackling several major topics: on the one hand, requirements in the lift industry are changing, on account of which we are constantly expediting the development of existing products and launching door drives. On the other, we’re adopting new methods and doing all we can for the expansion of the company worldwide. We are preparing for this by looking for qualified specialist and management employees to a greater extent to handle the new tasks. New markets are being developed, because the scope of application of the door controller is far from exhausted. Our motto is a promise: we’re partners on the way up.


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