Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Latest Anechoic EMC Chamber

Invertek Drives has taken delivery of one of the latest anechoic EMC chambers as part of its continued investment into research and development.

One of Invertek Drives innovation team members testing an Optidrive in the Anechoic EMC Chamber. (Photo: © Invertek Drives)

Invertek’s innovation team, based at its global headquarters and manufacturing facility at Welshpool, Powys, UK, is using the chamber as part of the company’s design and validation process.

"The anechoic chamber is a further important addition to our measurement and test capability, enabling us to more effectively develop and validate new drive technologies," said Dr David Jones, Innovation Director at Invertek.

Reducing time to market

"In order to be able to accurately measure the electromagnetic emissions from our products, it is important to ensure that any electromagnetic emissions from external sources are fully shielded and internal reflections absorbed. The anechoic chamber provides exactly this environment.

"The dimensions of the chamber in conjunction with the EMI receiver, antenna and turn-table enable measurements to be carried out in accordance with international standards - a key requirement enabling us to certify our products for global sales."

Dr Jones added: "The end result is that the innovation team can now carry out in-house EMC emissions measurements at more regular stages during a product’s development cycle, reducing its time to market."

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