Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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Schwelm Symposium: All talks online!

There was a very wide range of interesting specialist talks offered at the 16th Schwelm Symposium. Anyone who could not be there this year: All of the talks can be downloaded now.

(Photo: Ulrike Lotze)

As always, an important component was the personal exchange and encounters of about 130 participants in a relaxed setting. “The special feature of the Schwelm Symposium is its mixture of operators, experts, lift builders, service companies and component manufacturers, who, apart from the further training possibilities, also appreciate being able to maintain customer contacts and exchange views during the supporting programme.” This was how the spokesperson of Henning, co-organiser of the symposium, summed up the USP of this event in his welcome.

The moderator Jan König, technical consultant of the co-organiser VFA-Interlift, pointed out why such constant further education is necessary. “When things are going really well, you need to invest in the future.”

Personal exchange

As ever, the programme of the two-day event was wide-ranging: not only lift maintenance from the point of view of the operator, but also big data in the operating components and the state of European and national standards and condition-oriented maintenance in practice.

An important component of the Schwelm Symposium is of course also the personal exchange between industry experts. The breaks not only provided an occasion for this, but also the pre-evening programme to which Fermator issued an invitation this year. The participants made full use of the accompanying exhibition to acquire information and get into conversation.

Talks can be downloaded

Anyone who could not be there this year can at least profit a little from the mass of information provided by the event. All of the talks can be downloaded on the here.

The photo gallery of the LIFTjournal, which was once again the media partner of the Schwelm Symposium, provides an optical impression of the event. The date of next Schwelm Symposium is already fixed: the industry will once again get together on 3 and 4 July 2019 in the Golf Hotel Vesper.

Ulrike Lotze

The talks can be downloaded here


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