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Bridging device with protective cap

The Italian company Pizzato has announced two innovations: the VE GG bridging device now has a lockable protective cap. In addition, in future it will be possible to attach the ELA series control stations directly to the wall.

(Photo: © Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l.)

The VE GG bridging device is now available from Pizzato with a lockable protective cap. It is suitable for maintenance of the contacts on the floor and car doors as well as of the door locks and can be mounted on a switch panel or emergency switchboard in accordance with the standard UNI EN 81-20:2014, section

Substantial protection

The bridging device provides substantial protection with a moveable cover, which can be conveniently locked with one or two padlocks. This rules out operation by unauthorised parties.

To facilitate handling, the cover in addition possesses two snap-in positions: completely open or completely closed. As a result, the cover cannot open accidentally on its own, but instead has to be manually flipped open.

The Pizzato bridging device with lockable protective cap can be mounted in the control stations of the EL series or any other switch panel, which has the matching drill holes for the attachment screws.

Housing bracket VE SF

The control stations of the EL AC series – for example in lifts with a low base - can now be attached directly to the wall using the VE SF housing bracket.

The reinforced structure and rounded design of this new accessory permits easy installation of the control station in its position, which ensures firm attachment and sturdy protection of the station.