Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Virtual travel with the Multi

thyssenkrupp Elevator has reported two pieces of news: it is installing virtual showrooms in Asia and the Middle East and in addition, it is building new headquarters in the USA – including a test tower.

The first showroom was installed in Hongkong but new ones in Europe are to follow soon. (Photo: © thyssenkrupp Elevator)

The VR showrooms are currently installed in the company’s branches across Asia and the Middle East. They shall take visitors on a journey through the future of urban mobility.

handwerkThe concept was displayed for the very first time at the Dubai Airport Show earlier this year. Instead of looking at brochures, charts, and graphs or simply watching presentations on the screen, the attendees had the chance to literally immerse in the new Multi and Twin-technology and to experience the new transport solutions from the inside out. 

Further showrooms are to follow soon

The new VR concept includes seven different theme rooms that take the visitors straight to the heart of technologies and solutions like Twin and Multi. For example, they have the chance to experience a ride in the new transport system and closely inspect the cabins including applying several furnishing options.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator strives to offer the VR Showroom to as many people as possible in growing markets. The first installation took place in Hong Kong – and some further showrooms follow in almost all Asian branches. Today, there are VR offers in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the UAE, and Jordan. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and countries from the APAC region are to follow soon – as well as countries in Europe.

New test tower in Atlanta

Moreover, thyssenkrupp Elevator is erecting new headquarters in the USA. They are being built close to The Battery Atlanta in Cobb County, USA. handwerkThey are to be flanked by a 128 m lift test tower, the highest of its kind in the USA and one of the highest worldwide. To date, there are high-speed test towers in Rottweil in Germany and in the Chinese province Guangdong.

The complex will house more than 900 full-time employees. Upon completion, the new complex will include three facilities anchored by the test tower.

Tests are expected to start in 2022

With 18 shafts, the Innovation complex test tower can be used to trial new concepts and product pilots, including high-speed elevators, the two-cabins-per-shaft elevator system, Twin, as well as the world’s first rope-less and sideways-moving elevator system, Multi. handwerkIn addition, the test tower will also conduct robust tests to ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements on standard elevators.

Atlanta is already home to the first Twin elevator system in North America, which features two cars arranged on top of each other operating independently in a single shaft.

The new technology is being installed in the Coda Building at Georgia Tech University with completion expected early in 2019. Completion of the complex is expected by early 2022.


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