Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Comprehensive system solutions for lifts

Not only is the technology of lifts becoming increasingly sophisticated – the safety demands on lifts are also increasing.

With the cloud solution of Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, lift operators can retrieve a great deal of data permanently in real time via a tablet or PC. (Photo: © K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG)

According to Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, it is the only supplier worldwide in this environment capable of supplying system solutions from one source for all kinds of lifts.

In lift construction, the trend is away from purely mechanical technology to an increasing share of electronics and software. Products, processes and services are becoming interlinked. Lifts are equipped with sensors and continuously collect data as networked physical platforms.

Status information via a gateway to the cloud

"We‘ve kept pace with this development and provide a well-tuned system, from safety relay building blocks for monitoring safety sensors in lifts, lift controllers, our WinMOS®300 software and CANopen lift components to service and advice," explained Dr Andreas Hunscher, managing director of Schmersal Böhnke+Partner. "With our new cloud solution, we have rounded off our system product range."

Thanks to this innovation, Schmersal lift controllers can with immediate effect transmit data and status information via a gateway to the cloud. In this way, lift operators get location-independent access via the Internet to all lifts with an interface especially designed for lift applications.

A great deal of statistical data is available via the cloud solution, such as the "trip counter" or "temperature." This data can be used for preventive maintenance and permits greater flexibility in planning service teams’ mobile deployments.

Lift data in real time

HandwerkTwo years ago, Schmersal presented the control module bp408 for lifts, which can not only be used in classic switch cabinets, but also in lifts without machine rooms and in door frames. This new controller generation has integrated CANbus interfaces, which facilitate networking with other CANopen LIFT controller components.

In addition, bp408 is fitted with the WinMOS®300 diagnostic software, which provides new options for remote diagnosis and simplifies maintenance work for service technicians. The fitter can be notified through the trip meter and status monitoring via his smartphone if a maintenance interval is imminent or disruptions exist.

Support on the spot during maintenance

This increases the availability of the lift and lowers costs. The software can be installed as app on the smartphone or tablet; in this way, the service technician also receives support on the spot during maintenance. Many lift operators use WinMOS®300 to follow lift trips in real time via the monitoring function.

More comprehensive availability of lift data in real time contributes to more safety in lifts too, which has increasingly been demanded recently by the legislature. In Germany, a new version of the Operational Safety Ordinance came into force in June 2015, according to which all lifts must comply with the state of the art and there is no grandfathering for older lifts. However, the lift controller systems and components from Schmersal can be easily integrated in existing, older technologies.

On the advance: lifts according to the Machine Directive

"We are the only provider on the market that can provide its own products and systems along the entire value-added chain, whether components, controllers or software. Both for lifts covered by the Lift Directive as well as for lifts according to the Machinery Directive," emphasised Dr Hunscher.

HandwerkLifts with up to 3 m conveyance height and a maximum speed of 0.15 m/s are covered by the Machinery Directive. This includes for example cargo or construction lifts and many kinds of lifts for the handicapped. Lifts according to the Machine Directive are on the advance, particularly because against the background of demographic change and an aging society, barrier-free access to private flats is just as much in demand as in public buildings.

Schmersal Böhnke + Partner also provides a comprehensive component programme for lifts certified under the Machine Directive DIN EN ISO 13849-1.


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