Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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New communication tools for drives

Two new generation mobile and contactless communication tools allowing faster set-up, commissioning and real-time monitoring of its variable frequency drives (VFDs) have been launched recently by Invertek Drives. OptitoolsMobile and OptistickSmart.

The OptitoolsMobile app which can be used with the OptistickSmart. (Photo: © Owain Betts/ Invertek Drives)

OptitoolsMobile is a new Industry 4.0 enabling App available for Android and iOS Smartphones that allows the set-up, commissioning and real-time monitoring of an OptiDrive VFD when used in conjunction with the new generation OptistickSmart – a parameter copying and communications tool that effectively creates a Bluetooth LE enabled OptiDrive VFD.

Real time wireless monitoring

"OptistickSmart can be used to communicate with an Optidrive VFD simply by plugging it into the front of the drive. The Bluetooth LE technology enables real time wireless monitoring of the drive straight from a Smartphone, laptop or Bluetooth LE enabled PC," said Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director at Invertek Drives.

The new OptistickSmart also uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that allows powerless data transfer between the OptistickSmart and a smartphone or a PC with an NFC reader, also available from Invertek.

Data sharing via Email and Cloud storage

"This allows parameter upload or download to the OptistickSmart device by simply placing it in close proximity to an NFC enabled smartphone or PC using an NFC reader, eliminating the need for a powered-up drive, saving time on set-up and allowing rapid, accurate copying of parameters," added Mr Welson.

The OptitoolsMobile App also allows data sharing via Email and Cloud storage. This means that parameters and PLC Programs can be accessed anywhere in the world for replication to other drives, for support and commissioning, analysis of system performance and fault diagnostics. All OptitoolsMobile files are compatible with the OptiTools Studio PC software.

Key benefits of the new generation OptistickSmart are:
• Quick and easy set-up, commissioning of Optidrive VFDs
• Bluetooth LE and Near Field Communication wireless data transfer
• Capacitive touch (no moving parts)

Key benefits of OptitoolsMobile:
• Quick and easy set-up, commissioning and monitoring of Optidrive VFDs*
• Remote operation of an Optidrive VFD*
• Real-time monitoring of an Optidrive VFD*
• Share data and parameters via Email or the cloud for remote analysis and updates
• Off-line editing of Optidrive VFD Parameter files
• Can be used on Android or iOS Smartphone for in-the-field operation
(*Used in conjunction with OptistickSmart)

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