Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Merger: Europe is the goal

Orona approves its merger with Electra Vitoria and sets the goal to strengthen its position in Europe during its annual general meeting.

(Photo: © Orona)

At this year's Annual General Meeting of Orona, the Basque company specialized in urban mobility solutions and headquartered in Hernani, the company confirmed the merger of Orona S. Coop. and Electra Vitoria S. Coop. The collaboration goes back to 2005, when Corporación Mondragon’s Elevation Division was born.

Promotion of the Orona EU Project

Those attending the annual meeting also agreed to promote the Orona EU Project, which aims to strengthen the company as the only lift operator in Europe capable of competing with the Top Four global companies currently leading the industry.

HandwerkTo that end, this joint project triggered by the merger is based on a unique approach aimed at extending the values of Orona’s cooperative experience to the European level.

With the Orona EU Project, the cooperative plans to grow in size. That increase of both its human resources and its equipment will be based on its solid commercial network and its technological capacities, including those of the largest elevator manufacturing plant in Europe, sized for 20,000 units.

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