Sunday, 19 January 2020
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"With a clear vision into the future"

Already since the end of 2017 Urs Affolter became managing director of the long-established company LM Liftmaterial. The 49 year-old intends to pay particular attention to client requirements and customer satisfaction.

Urs Affolter. (Photo: © Kilian Vitt/Liftmaterial)

After the merger of Sematic and Wittur in 2016, it was hard for LM to position itself clearly within the Group. But by now, the company has become the mainstay for complete lift systems within the Wittur Group and the top management has expressed its full confidence in the brand LM Liftmaterial.

Long-term strategies and innovative ideas

Extensive changes, including personnel, has revitalised rigid structures. All processes are currently being reviewed for efficiency and being modified where appropriate. "As a result, response times have been slashed and delivery times are to being top-notch. Customer feedback is very positive too!"

With long-term strategies and innovative ideas, The mechanical engineer Urs Affolter is in a continuous dialogue with all parties – to pursue the common goal, "With know-how to the top!"

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