Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Lift without hydraulic oil for cold storage warehouses

Lödige Industries recently completed the installation of a cargo lift for a Dutch logistics service provider in the health care sector.

Intelligent solution – Sherpa proved to be perfect for the Dutch distribution centre. (Photo: © Lamber Vissers/Lödige Industries GmbH)

The customer is based in Wijchen and has been cooperating closely with the Lödige Benelux team for many years.

A short while ago, the customer erected a new distribution centre in Nijmegen. A cargo lift for the cold storage warehouse was required. Consequently, it was necessary to provide a lift that could operate without hydraulic oil.

Suitable solution

The Lödige Sherpa cargo lift with chain lifter proved to be a suitable solution. The lift is driven mechanically by a chain and achieves maximum performance without oil or other additional resources.

Consequently, a cold environment is not a challenge for the Sherpa. The installed lift has two stops. Sherpa helps improve processes with its maximum load of 1,500 kg and a speed of 0.2 m/s.

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