Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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New and profitable form of service and maintenance

Schindler Ahead, the digital platform for networking lifts and escalators, featured in the Annual Report of the Central Real Estate Committee (ZIA) as the top best practice innovation.

The DoorShow, an advertising and information medium for lift doors, makes lift maintenance into an experience. (Photo: © Schindler)

The Innovation Think Tank of the ZIA published innovation report of the real estate industry for the second time. It mentions important innovations of industry trailblazers.

Thanks above all to its new, more efficient and profitable form of service and maintenance, Schindler made an especially good impression among the overall 80 candidates. This convinced the ten-member jury headed by Professor Peter Russo. This year’s report included a total of 26 best practice innovations.

Better maintenance with the DoorShow

The aim of the digital platform Schindler Ahead is to make the lift a means of communication. The focus is on the DoorShow, an advertising and information tool for lift doors and other digital services.

The idea is to make lift maintenance an experience and keep building operators up-to-date in real time regarding the status of their lifts. In addition, the system should optimise the lifts’ reliability, because thanks to its Internet connection, data can be analysed directly and problems anticipated and corrected for example before they occur.


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