Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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New series of limit and micro switches

Giovenzana International B.V. is a reality with over 60 years of history. Today it is a point of reference for: handling system, automation, lift technology, Atex, maintenance and control of mobile users.

(Photo: © Giovenzana International B.V.)

It’s a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 as it is attentive to the logic of sustainable development for the protection of the environment within its production processes.

Improving safety

The proposed solutions are the result of a careful examination of the requirements of components for industrial application, in full compliance with international safety standards such as, for lift technology, EN81.20 & EN81.50, GOST 33984.1-2016 and ABNT NBR NM 207-267.

The new standards aim at improving safety for both passengers and service technicians of lifts and describe general safety requirements for its construction and installation. Four product sectors: industrial automation, lift technology, handling system and ATEX & IECEx.

AUTOMATION: It includes the Phoenix series cam switches with capacities from 12A to 200A, the Regolus series switch-disconnectors with capacities from 32A to 160A, the Pegasus, Orion and NEMA Series of auxiliary controls, the thermoplastic and pre-wired limit switches, the foot switches and micro switches.

LIFT: Giovenzana is considered a reference point for the elevator world. The range includes: pit bottom switches, push-button panels for local return and maintenance push-buttons.

HANDLING SYSTEM: It comprises single and double row pendant stations up to 14 buttons for control and direct switching, position and rotary gear limit switches, slip rings, warning horns, busbar conductor rails and festoon system.

ATEX: Giovenzana obtained the important certifications of the ATEX and IECEx company system (QAN and QAR) for potentially explosive atmospheres. The explosion-proof product catalog (for Zone 1-2, 21-22 gases and powders) includes: Regolus Ex series switch-disconnectors, Regolus Ex series enclosures with a wide temperature range: -60 °C / + 150 °C, Rotary Gear limit switch series FGR2-Ex, micro switches series MFI-Ex.

Intrinsic technology for every device

The plus value of the products marked Giovenzana International B.V. is that of intrinsic technology for every single device. In the field of industrial automation in which each component, in addition to being an electromechanical element, is an integral and constitutive part of the system technology.

On the website the new catalog of position switches and micro switches is available. The new range is part of the new generation of products developed with a view to technological improvement and expansion of choice for the end customer who now has:
- FTN series: thermoplastic limit switches IP67;
- FTNG series: thermoplastic limit switches 40mm IP67 – for heavy applications (4 fixing holes)
- FTN1R series: thermoplastic limit switches with manual reset IP67;
- STNK series: safety limit switches with key IP67;
- FCT series: thermoplastic pre-wired limit switches IP67 (with 2 mt cable with lateral or vertical entry);
- FCTM series: thermoplastic limit switches with M12 connection IP67 (with lateral or vertical entry).

Limit switches, control switches and position switches

A limit switch complies to the specification when all the normally closed contact elements of the switch can be changed, with certainty, to the open position (no flexible link between the moving contacts and the operator of the switch, to which an actuating force is applied).

Positive opening doesn’t apply to NO contacts. Control switches with positive opening operation can be equipped with either slow-break or snap action contacts. In order to use different contacts on the same switch, it is necessary to electrically separate them; otherwise only one contact can be used.

Position switches are specifically designed to control the movement of overhead cranes, hoists and industrial machinery. These are auxiliary commands which intervene on the machine's motor through a power interface, such as a contactor or a PLC.

Continuously develop technology and provide quality

The other new range of products includes micro switches with fastoon terminals, screw terminals, solder terminals, screw terminals with protection and tower actuators.

The goal of Giovenzana International B.V. for the future is to continuously develop technology and provide quality, always attentive to the safety of operators, users and components.

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