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Digital blackboard in residential buildings

Schindler Germany and the University of Wismar have jointly developed the "Ahead BlackBoard": a digital platform that provides individual information and interaction options for different devices.

Professor Matthias Wißotzki (left) from the University of Wismar and Jan-Karsten Thoebel from Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG presented the “Ahead BlackBoard” at the Hanover Fair. (Photo: © Schindler Germany)

The cooperation of Jan-Karsten Thoebel of Schindler Germany and Professor Matthias Wißotzki of the University of Wismar involved a project in the field of digital residential management.

The "Ahead BlackBoard" was developed, a digital version of the analogue blackboard frequently found in the entrance areas of residential buildings. It was presented at the industrial trade fair in Hanover.

Individual appointments to the residents

The aim is to provide property management and flat operators in future with the opportunity to give individual appointments to the residents, manage all tenant-relevant information centrally and publish them individually. In this way, tenants can find answers to their questions, such as "When will the gas meter be read?", "When will the stairwell be renovated?" or "Has the post already arrived?" while waiting for the lift.

HandwerkThis information used to be attached in analogue form as notes to overfilled cork boards or in confusing exhibition boxes and frequently overseen. "This is no longer up-to-date in a digital world," according to Jan-Karsten Thoebel, Head of Technology - Advertising Products of Schindler.

Professor Wißotzki added, "People have now got used to getting location-independent information at any time about the current situation."

More than a blackboard in one place

The "Ahead BlackBoard" is a digital platform that provides individual information and interaction options for different devices. For example, the interactive notification screen is often in the entrance areas of buildings.

The residents find current information of the property management there, but individual services are also possible. Residents can communicate with each other, provide feedback to the property management and lodge requests and offers.

The Group and University presented this digital platform to the public for the first time at the industrial trade fair in Hanover. "There was a lot of positive feedback and acknowledgement for the innovativeness of our digital products," according to Thoebel after the trade fair. This was the second time in a row that both digitalisation experts from industry and research jointly presented a project at the Hanover Fair.