Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Lift 4.0: top-quality technology in the cloud

Everyone is talking about the smart new lifts of the future - Schmersal-Böhnke+Partner wants to present a dynamic online solution for its customers with its first cloud product: Lift2CLOUD®.

All data needed are displayed in the detail on the cloud dashboard: travel direction, floor status, door status, flush display, safety circuit, trip counter, operating hours, temperature of the switch cabinet and position of the lift in the card overview. (Photo: © Böhnke + Partner GmbH Steuerungssysteme)

What does "cloud" mean? Cloud computing is the provision of IT infrastructure, such as storage space, computing performance or application software as a service via the Internet. The advantages of cloud solutions: among other things, they permit comprehensive collection and analysis of data and scalability of systems. In addition, data can also be retrieved via mobile terminals, such as tablets or mobile phones. This permits monitoring systems and processes independent of location.

Access to all lifts, independent of location, via the Internet with a permanent dynamic diagnosis based on a non-proprietary software solution (i.e. via a standard browser) – this is what many users have long been yearning for. This is because the deployment of service teams demands extreme flexibility.

Intended to realise wishes

HandwerkThe Lift2CLOUD® solution is intended to realise these wishes, emphasised Schmersal-Böhnke+Partner: "Based on the EU cloud farm, with a secure VPN connection, it provides access to dynamically updated lift data with high availability, which provides our customers all the options of billing, preventive maintenance and emergency deployments. Thanks to the smart device listing, they have clear, direct access to all of their lifts."

The transmission of measurements, position data, error reports and other useful data about the lift to the cloud requires a certain minimum technical equipment.

Apart from the controller of Schmersal-Böhnke+Partner bp308 or bp408, which collects all measurements and data, a gateway is necessary to convert the information to a cloud-compatible format. A second very important function of the gateway consists in connecting the controller via a secure connection with the Internet.

Access to lift data

The data transferred by the controller to Lift2CLOUD® are stored in a database and are available to the end-user via a secure connection. Only it receives access to its lift data, protected against third parties. The information is presented there in a clear graphic visualisation. The database is in a server in the European Union.

An Internet connection and the latest version of the browser software are only needed on the Office page. In addition, it is possible to have the statistical data displayed in the form of bar, line and/or pie diagrams. The values can be restricted to a particular period.

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