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Affordable lightweight construction in lift building

Lightweight construction is an important trend in lift building and in many other industrial sectors. The Plastic Centre Leipzig in Leipzig (KUZ) supports lift builders as development partners.

The lightweight construction effect is produced by the sandwich design. (Source: © Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH)

Thanks to a new procedural combination consisting of injection mould processing of metal-substitute plastics and light foams, both processed in a one-shot procedure to high tensile, light components, new solutions have become possible for lift builders.

Demonstrator for a flat, shell-shaped application

The lightweight construction version in sandwich design illustrated is a demonstrator for a flat, shell-shaped application with a structural or load-bearing function. It is distinguished by a higher weight-specific bending strength compared to a components made out of a compact material.

This is the result of the lightweight construction. Such lightweight components are of interest for many new applications: those in general mechanical engineering, the reduction of moved mass in mobile systems and technical components with load-bearing functions.

KUZ is a non-profit research institute, which for example supports lift builders in developing new products and procedures.