Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Fast solution for the Graz railway hub

To prevent travellers at the railway station in Graz from being hindered by defective escalators, the specialists from Weber Tec in Hamburg travelled to Austria to repair the escalators with their "EsCare" repair method.

Weber Tec (Hamburg) repaired four of the ten escalators at Graz Central Railway Station, which has 15-million customers annually. (Photo: © Weber Tec GmbH)

The central railway station was opened in 1847 and has played an important role in the country’s economy. Since autumn 2015, the railway station, with its listed hall, has been under reconstruction with the aim of providing its passengers with even better connections and more comfort. The railway, run by Austrian Railways (ÖBB), now has impressive architectural highlights and an artistic interior design.

To ensure the satisfaction of its 15-million annual customers, maintenance of the central railway station and in particular of its installations, is crucial. This naturally also includes smooth operation of the ten escalators of the Graz railway station.

Master agreement with Weber Tec

HandwerkConsequently, the ÖBB has now concluded a master agreement with the Hamburg company Weber Tec, managed by Wolfgang and Mike Weber. The high visitor volume at Graz central railway station makes fast, reliable action in the event of malfunctions necessary.

For this task, Weber Tec provides a suitable solution in the form of "EsCare" with which defective ribs can be repaired on the spot in a fast, uncomplicated way without de-installation or long downtimes, the company explained. Four of ten escalators were repaired – the ascents and descents to the platforms 2, 3, 4 and 5, of which complaints had previously been made during an inspection.

Thanks to close coordination with ÖBB, it was possible to carry out the work in the course of six working days. "The company’s repair method guarantees more rapid availability of the escalator, which is of course essential in a traffic hub like Graz. Moreover, Weber Tec’s effective solution considerably minimised the life cycle costs for us," explained Karl Pretscher, installation engineering engineer at Graz Central Railway Station.

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