Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Riedl Quantum: Complete lift into serial production

The newly developed complete QUANT lift developed by Riedl Quantum can now be ordered from its designers after presentation of the prototype at the interlift 2017.

(Photo: © Riedl Aufzugbau GmbH & Co. KG)

The complete lift is suitable for a maximum permitted load of up to 320 kg or four people and for a conveyance height of up to 30 m (eight stops) with entry on one side. Having been especially developed for cramped spaces, the QUANT lift facilitates installation almost without shaft pit and shaft head.

The reduction in pit depth to just 150 mm by means of the folding car toe guard developed by Riedl Quantum and low shaft head height of 2400 mm (with a door height of 2000 mm) thanks to the compact transom of LIZ 3.0 of just 249.5 mm opens up completely new deployment options, which were unrealisabl in this forme with previous concepts.

The QUANT recently met the EU type approval test according to the Lift Directive 2014/33/EU. As a result, the market launch in Germany has officially begun.

Opening up new terrain

The space-saving drive of the QUANT is in the lowest storey between the guide rails. The motor is located at least 20 mm above the finished floor level and as a result is effectively protected against water seeping into the shaft pit.

The new complete lift QUANT includes the proven slender sliding door series LIZ 3.0 as well as the easy to assemble and sturdy Riedl car and many other proven, well-conceived lift components.

Riedl Quantum is taking the next logical step with the QUANT and opening up fresh terrain with space-saving solutions for many lift projects that were unrealisable previously due to the structural circumstances.

New options thanks to compact design

HandwerkThe complete QUANT lift permits improved exploitation of the shaft floor area by about 25 percent compared to conventional lift systems. Thanks to its extremely compact design and skilful integration of the drive, there is space here for a much bigger car than in conventional lifts.

The QUANT is ideal for installation in existing buildings, both in wall shafts as well as in shaft scaffolds. The shaft pit required of just 150 mm and the shaft head of only 2400 mm permit installing a modern lift even where previously no development was possible.

Fast, safe maintenance

"We have further tuned the popular Riedl car for the complete QUANT lift even more for optimal and convenient maintenance," revealed Peter Andrä, managing director of Riedl Quantum. "In this regard, we continue to rely on our tried-and-tested components, such as the Riedl clamping wedge system, the sturdy cellular framing design with bonded reinforcing brace and a high quality selection of materials."

The major portion of the maintenance work in QUANT occurs conveniently and safely from the car. To do so, the fitter can simply open the car wall on the drive side. The shaft element with drive and technology, consisting of the speed governor, safety catch, reinforcing brace, rope tension and load measurement can be conveniently maintained through the opened maintenance flap.

The lift maintenance panel with main switch and fuses are located in the door portal or door frame. The converter and control are located in the shaft box in the shaft at the lowest stop. All other maintenance work can as usual be carried out from the car roof and from the shaft pit.

Assembly- and maintenance-friendly

Service work has to occur inside the shaft as in virtually all the lift systems on the market. This continues to involve a significant safety risk for the service staff.

The newly-developed folding car toe guard of Riedl Quantum permits an extraordinarily shallow shaft pit depth. As a result, the majority of all maintenance work can occur directly from the car and maintenance work can be carried out faster and well-protected.

Specialist companies can find information providing targeted support in planning and installation at

QUANT complete lift: new options thanks to compact design
• The QUANT increases the area in the car that can be used by up to 25 percent compared to conventional lift systems
• Shaft pit depth only 150 mm
• Low shaft head height of only 2400 mm
• Convenient maintenance from the car
• Components from the driver of innovation and developer of the slender sliding door series LIZ 3.0
• Bottom drive

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