Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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New member of EFESME

The Bulgarian Association of Lift Manufacturers (BALM) is a new member of EFESME.

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It replaces Prolift as the delegate from Bulgaria within EFESME, representing twelve small and medium-sized enterprises working in the Bulgarian territory.

All companies belonging to BALM are manufacturing SMEs, and many of them also provide maintenance and installation services for elevators and escalators.

Damyan Petrov, Managing Director of Prolift and its representative in EFESME, will be now representing the Bulgarian Association, and will continue to stand for Bulgarian SMEs within EFESME, in its work, and during its meetings.

The official web site of the Bulgarian Association of Lift Manufactures will be soon be available in both Bulgarian and English. The address of the association is 7, Filip Kutev Str., 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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