Saturday, 25 January 2020
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HelpyGSM and LiftTelefoon GSM-9000 are all-in-one

SafeSolutions GmbH wants to simplify things for its customers, "This is why we’ve created an emergency call telephone, mounted as a complete unit on the car roof."

To comply with the standard, a set of cables with pictograms is used, which can be installed very easily in the car. (Photo: © SafeSolutions GmbH)

"Complete, including power supply unit and back-up battery. No telephone terminals with corresponding mounting and cabling are needed in the car."

Thanks to digital volume adjustment with very good speech quality and a sound level of > 60 dB measured at a distance of a metre, communication can be securely guaranteed, according to the company. The existing emergency call buttons are used. If desired, up to six telephone terminals can be connected for the machine room or floors.

No expensive additional equipment required

Voice messages are pre-programmed and can be picked from a menu. Up to three languages can be selected, which are played in succession. This is a decisive advantage in places with international passenger traffic, SafeSolutions pointed out.

HandwerkNo expensive additional equipment is required for remote programming, because an SMS generated by the system is used to transfer the finished profile. If necessary, a remote firmware update can be carried out, eliminating deployment of a technician on the spot.

If the GSM signal is not strong enough throughout the shaft, the GSM module can be separated and permanently attached. LiftTelefoon GSM-9000, based on HelpyGSM, uses the normal protocols and is therefore easy to connect to the control room.

Other solutions

Self-diagnosis? Remote monitoring? Digital lift log? Lift4.0? "All included. All-in-one and easy," the company emphasised.

In addition, the Helpy family provides other solutions. The "2W" concept (2 wires) stands for various expansion options via a two-wire bus:
• Helpy 2W-TL is for car roof mounting. Up to nine lifts with up to 32 telephone stations can be connected to one telephone line with just one device.
• Helpy 2W-Q is the dialling device with a stainless steel front panel and buttons, including speech module and LEDs with icons mounted on the surface. Ready for deployment via landline and expandable for GSM.

Signal transmission via GSM mobile communication is standard and easy. SafeSolutions provides both devices with integrated and monitored battery:
• GSM600 produces GSM transmission with 2G out of the telephone line.
• 4G.Evox transmits crystal clear language via LTE (4G) and guarantees extremely fast data transmission. Integrated WiFi guarantees complete connectivity and flexibility.

SafeSolutions and its partners provide the LiftTelefoon GSM-9000 emergency call device for sale or lease.

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