Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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New: the online dictionary of the lift industry!

The new LIFTlex is being published in time for interlift 2019. An advert will give lift-builders and component manufacturers a long-term presence in many countries.

(Photo: © AzmanL/ iStock.com/ Getty Images)

What does lift shaft mean in Chinese? And light grid in Italian? LIFTlex users have no problem answering these questions. Every two years, the trade dictionary of the sector is published in time for the current interlift in a circulation of 30,000 copies.

LIFTlex Media Data It is the only online trade dictionary for the lift industry - and a familiar tool for experts internationally.

Over 2,600 technical terms

LIFTlex translates lift industry technical terms into German, English, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese. At www.lift-journal.de/en/liftlex.html, over 2,600 technical terms are even translated into nine different languages (in addition, French, Polish and Russian).

Furthermore, at the website it can be retrieved anywhere in the world at any time – lift companies can exploit this effectively by placing an online banner there.

LIFTlex is not only distributed to those attending the interlift, but can also be found in the following two years at many international lift trade fairs. Advertising customers who book an entire page receive a free company portrait on the opposite page.


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