Sunday, 23 February 2020
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Slender sliding door LIZ 3.0 available as eco version

Riedl Quantum has now expanded its product range with a cost-friendly version of its well-known sliding doors in the form of LIZ 3.0 eco.

(Photo: © Riedl Quantum)

LIZ 3.0 eco serves the standard dimensions in EN 81-20 / 58 from 700 to 900 mm and from 2000 to 2100 mm and costs much less than the tried-and-tested LIZ 3.0. It is distinguished by very little reduction in finishing, high quality design and space-saving dimensions, remaining true to LIZ 3.0, emphasised Riedl Quantum.

Today construction planners, architects and lift builders set high demands on flexibility, efficiency, materials and safety. LIZ 3.0 eco manages with just 50 percent of the space needed by a conventional sliding door.

It is extremely strong and certified according to EN 81-20 / 50. Riedl Quantum has expanded its range of sliding doors with LIZ 3.0 eco and intends simultaneously to provide a cost-effective entry level to contemporary lift building.

Reduced material price with unchanged looks and quality

“LIZ 3.0 eco is our answer to the rising demands for a standard-sized sliding door for realising modern lift projects that are easy to install and forward-looking in design. The lower package thickness creates more space in the car and saves valuable floor area,” explained Peter Andrä, managing partner of Riedl Quantum.

“The new LIZ 3.0 eco version is a successful response to the rising price pressure in the component sector. We have not economised when it comes to looks or quality, but simply cut the material price. In addition, we can pass on the better terms for individual components to our customers thanks to the greater quantities purchased - depending on the equipment, this is a price advantage of up to 17 percent for each sliding door.”

Advantages of the LIZ 3.0 eco:
• Low package thickness for elegant, contemporary construction without any waste of space
• Low noise emissions thanks to high precision door runners in encapsulated maintenance-free ball bearings
• Improved safety and strength due to double-walled leaves, certified according to EN 81-20 / 50.
• Surfaces with electrolytically galvanised sheet metal finish or stainless steel design
• LIZ 3.0 eco meets the strict demands of the fire protection standard EN 81-58 in the E120 / EW60 classification. This makes it a fully functional fire safety sliding door for every application
• Maximum fire protection with minimal dimensions

LIZ 3.0 eco is a reliable, space-saving, sturdy and elegant door in every environment, which also has plenty of advantages in very busy lifts in public buildings and big company buildings.

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