Sunday, 23 February 2020
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New lifts for special lifting heights

Just added to the growing repertoire of the German wheelchair lift specialist Herkules Liftwerk GmbH are the lifts MB1400 and MB1700.

Just added to the repertoire of Herkules Liftwerk is also the MB 1700. (Photo: © Matthias Bierig/Liftwerk)

To close the last gap in the lift portfolio, the two new lifts MB1400 and MB1700 are ready to go. The MB1700 replaces the MB1800, the maximum lifting height of 1,790 mm remains. As a model in between, the MB1400 drives up to 1,490 mm.

The safety and quality come first for all lifts, underlines the young company. Because of the in-house production of nearly all components in the factory in Kaufungen (Germany), the quality and class of all used materials could be controlled and guaranteed.

The persistence as well as the timeless design enable the lifts to provide a long-time barrier free access, both on the inside and the outside area.

Combine know-how with new product- and design concepts

Vandalism-safe and waterproof sensor buttons with a highly sensitive control panel are one of the possible options on the lift. Likewise popular are the automatic safety barrier, the easy adjacent exit or the control via one of the company-owned smartphone apps.

With overall 20 years of experience in building and developing wheelchair lifts, the Herkules Liftwerk GmbH wants to combine know-how with new product- and design concepts.

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