Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Lift modernisation without roof superstructure

The Schindler 6300 replacement lift does not need any roof superstructure. Thanks to its space-saving components, a machine room is superfluous as well.

The Schindler 6300 does not need any machine room. As a result, the shaft head height can be reduced to 2.42 m. (Photo: © Schindler Deutschland)

This should simplify the work of planners and architects in modernisations and additions of another storey. There continues to be an acute shortage of accommodation in many German cities. As a result, storeys are being added to many existing buildings. It is often necessary to retrofit a lift or extend the existing shaft.

At the same time, flat roofs without superstructures are not just more aesthetic, but also economically the more intelligent solution. Moreover, in the case of modernisation or adding a storey, the Schindler replacement lift 6300 simplifies the work for planners and architects. The superstructure needed for the old lift can be removed, since it is no longer needed.

No machine room needed

HandwerkThanks to its space-saving components, which include the drive, the Schindler 6300 does not need any machine room. As a result, the shaft head height can be reduced to an average room height of 2.42 m. Consequently, roof superstructures, which are frequently required for a lift shaft, are passé.

To make the top floor accessible without roof penetration, the standard replacement lift is suitable, both for flat roofs, since they can be easily completed in concrete, as well as for gable and pitched roofs.

"Attractive looks and lower costs"

"Apart from its appearance, a lift without roof superstructure also has economic benefits," the company pointed out. The Schindler replacement lift 6300 lowers costs, since there are no additional weak points in the roof and no need for expensive connection work.

As a result of its conveyance height of a maximum of 75 m and 20 stops, the Schindler 6300 with short shaft head can easily be used in residential blocks and smaller commercial buildings. The replacement lift can transport up to 15 passengers with a permissible maximum load of up to 1125 kg. Additional information can be found in the new brochure.

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