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Turning beam with battery-powered drive

Certex Lifting & Service has developed a new lifting beam for horizontal turning of sharp-edged parts of varying lengths.

The turning beam has a battery-powered drive. (Foto: © Certex)

The turning beam has a battery-powered drive - no power supply from the crane needed. The technical challenge is improving the work processes with the turning beam. A battery-powered frequency inverter provides a soft start to the turn and continuous speed adjustment.

The turning speed ranges from one to four revolutions per minute. "This solution permits fast, safe work deployments," Certex stressed. The turning beam can be attached to a single or double hook with a double-single strand suspension chain.

Special solutions in lifting and hoisting technology

The turning beam is designed for workpieces up to 8 m and weighing up to 1.5 t. Two rubber-lined rollers with compartments on the turning beam sides should permit good torque transfer to the lifting straps.

The PU-covered straps make it possible to turn sharp-edged workpieces safely. The bendable load is attached to four lifting straps. Lifting strap widths of 30 mm to 80 mm can be used. Certex Lifting & Service has been planning, developing and realising special solutions in lifting and hoisting technology for many years.