Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Manifesto EFESME: Five proposals to grow together

In the light of the forthcoming 2019 European Elections EFESME present a "EFESME Manifesto 2019-2024". EFESME has identified five areas of action as fundamental for the next five years.

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The document was developed together with the EFESME experts after analysing and studying the needs of SMEs at national level. It describes the commitments that EFESME intends to make over the next five years, and the path it intends to follow when working with the new European Commission and the new European Parliament, to promote at its best the work on SMEs in the lift sector.

Five are the areas of action identify as fundamental for the next five years:
1. A more entrepreneurial society
2. More appropriate and SME friendly standards
3. A true implementation of the Single Market
4. Safer and more highly qualified personnel
5. Support for Digitalisation

Declaration of both political and practical intents

This Manifesto is intended to be a declaration of both political and practical intents, says EFESME: "Political, because we believe that the involvement of the European Commission and the European Parliament in the life, work and everyday challenges of SMEs is necessary to create a strong link between the European institutions and the workers they defend and serve, and to create a virtuous process of accountability. "

Practical, because each area of action identified by this Manifesto has, and will increasingly have in the future, very positive material effects on the work of SMEs.

Over the next five years, EFESME, its members, and its experts want to continue to work in support of SMEs, with increasing commitment: "This Manifesto represents our best intentions, our promise to our members and our industry, and a clear and ambitious path to follow in the coming years to achieve goals that are ever more positive for SMEs", write EFESME in a press release.

The PDF of the Manifesto EFESME 2019-2024 is available here:
English version
German version

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