Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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Lean and fit for export

With immediate effect, TKD will be offering even more compact and leaner motor connection cables for servomotors controlled via frequency inverters as part of the new Kaweflex Servo 9YSL(ST)CY series.

The new motor connection cables from TKD are available in two basic versions: as four-wire type with transparent PVC sheathing and as 3X3-wire version with black PVC sheathing, which is UV-resistant and suitable for laying outdoors and in the earth. (Photo: © TKD Kabel)

All of the new low-capacitance cable types, which are designed for fixed laying and flexible applications, have UL/CSA certification – vital for opening doors to export overseas. Polypropylene wire insulation (PP/abbreviation:9Y) is specially used for the UL style selected for the 1kV certification, combined with the flame-resistant and self-extinguishing PVC external cladding. The thermoplastic PP, which belongs to the polyolefin group, is ideal for realising slender cable structures.

The new motor connection cables, which have a reliable conductive temperature of 90° C, boast low power loss and a higher current rating. The increased dielectric strength ensures there are safety reserves in use, meaning the cable is ideally equipped for the regularly occurring peaks in inverter voltage.

Greater cable lengths between motor and inverter

Moreover, its low-capacitance design permits greater cable lengths between motor and inverter. It features twofold shielding with laminated aluminium foil and screening braiding made of tin-clad copper wire with a high degree of coverage, which guarantees undisturbed frequency inverter operation.

"We have taken the next step in motor connection lines for the servo market with the targeted expansion of our product range for frequency inverter technology," emphasised Sven Seibert, Head of Product Management at TKD Kabel. "The consistent UL/CSA certification makes exporting even simpler for our customers. In addition, the targeted overhaul and reduction in size makes it possible in many cases to use cables with smaller diameters and as a result achieve weight savings."

Lower assembly effort and costs

An important additional aspect of the specific 1 kV UL/CSA approbation is the certification of the new servo lines for direct parallel laying with other lines, which likewise carry an operating voltage up to 1000 V. As a result, separate cable routing can be dispensed with. This not only creates space, but also lowers assembly effort and costs.

The Kaweflex Servo 9YSL(ST)CY series cables are optionally available in two basic versions – and a multitude of dimensions: as four-wire type with single layer stranding and transparent PVC sheathing as well as 3X3 wire version with concentric stranding and black PVC sheathing. The black outer sheathing is UV-resistant and suitable for laying outdoors and in the earth (DB = direct burial).

The new motor lines have been available from stock since March.


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