Saturday, 25 January 2020
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TranSys: facelift for the workhorse

Kone now offers the TranSys with some 300 new design and technical options. This lift type is designed to carry a high payload of passengers or goods and as a bed lift.

Good-looking and strong: two TranSys goods lifts each with a rated payload of 4,000 kg in a shopping centre in Flensburg, Germany (Photo: © Kone)

Architects and investors can now implement consistent colour and design concepts – on the basis of ready-made design packages or by freely combining design elements – across various lift types.

One of the principal uses of the Kone TranSys lift type is in large supermarkets and shopping centres, where it carries up to 5,000 kg or 66 people between the car park and sales levels.

Flexible application options

Hospitals and old-people’s, retirement and care homes are another focus. They use the Kone TranSys as a bed lift with a 1,600 kg payload. "Operators are increasingly using coordinated colour schemes within the lift cars to help, for example, dementia sufferers navigate within the building," declares Christian Baunach, head of the New Systems business unit at Kone Germany.

HandwerkTo these can be added the countless applications wherever heavy-duty workhorses are needed, such as on Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. There is now also an expanded offering with the technical options – lift car layouts, door systems, shaft head and pit dimensions, control options.

The TranSys can therefore now be used as a fire service lift. A shortened shaft head is also possible –as is predictive maintenance by connecting the system to 24/7 Connect and thus to Kone’s Service Cloud.

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