Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Set a car controller easily and precisely

With VisualDoors, Riedl Quantum's aim is to make calibrating the travel behaviour of its sliding doors child’s play and save the technician time and labour.

VisualDoors should make the calibration of the travel behavior of cabin doors child's play. (Photo: © Riedl)

Setting a car door could not be easier and more convenient, according to the company. A manual terminal connected to the RQ5 controller from Riedl Quantum was already an uncomplicated way of optimally adjusting the opening and closing movements of the Riedl Quantum lift doors via a keyboard.

It should be even easier now with the new VisualDoors app for smartphones or tablets. The technician couples it with the controller using a WLAN module and then looks for the movement curves that he would like to adapt via a graphic user interface.

Travel and closing behaviour each have several values of their own in the clear user interface, which you push on the curve with the tip of your finger and then save with another click.

Transfer ideal setting to other controllers

The values are immediately adopted by the controller and can be checked during the next trip. The technician can quickly recognise via the curve on power consumption whether peaks occur during the trip or whether the doors block at a particular point.

The technician can save all parameters with the VisualDoors app and transfer his ideal setting to other controllers. Once the door has been set up optimally, you simply remove the WLAN box.

Consequently, access to the controller from outside is no longer possible. The WLAN module works for all Riedl Quantum RQ5 controllers. The VisualDoors app is currently available for the mobile operating system Android and exclusively from Riedl Quantum.

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