Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Creating a secure future together

Mayr Antriebstechnik from Mauerstetten (Germany) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its site in Poland.

Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Mayr Polska (from left to right): Grzegorz Cwiek (Director Mayr Polska) with the Mauerstetten management Peter Daffner, Christoph Dropmann, Christian Illig and interpreter. (Photo: © mayr Antriebstechnik)

The former small production site has developed into a modern, efficient industrial company with about 400 employees – with vigorous support from its German parent, Mayr emphasised.

Handwerk"The location in Ostrzeszow was established as a small production site in 1994," recalled Christoph Dropmann, who as head of the research and development department in Mauerstetten is simultaneously in charge of the management of Mayr Polska.

Since 1999, together with his German colleagues Christian Illig (head of finances and personnel) and Peter Daffner (order centre and logistics), he has shaped it into a modern industrial company with 400 employees.

Expand and develop capacities

Today, the machine park comprises about 100 turning and milling machines. In 2018 alone, 1.5 million individual parts were produced on them. About 35 percent of production now goes directly to end-customers around the world.

HandwerkMayr in Poland only recently put a new hall into operation in Poland. The company not only wants to retain jobs in this way, but also expand and develop capacities, above all in the field of key technology.

"Mayr quality means ‘Quality made in Germany’, irrespective of location," explained managing director Günther Klingler. "The same quality standards apply to subsidiaries in Poland and in China as in Germany." Like the parent in Mauerstetten in the Alpine Allgäu region, the operational quality management system in Poland is ISO 9001-certified.

Europe as common home

All Mayr employees in Mauerstetten and Ostrzeszow were united under the roof of the European Union, whose advantages and achievements Mayr Antriebstechnik clearly avowed, according to the company.

HandwerkAmong other things, this was evident from the participation in the go-vote campaign of the VDMA (German Engineering Association) in the run-up to this year's European elections and the associated election appeal to all employees in Mauerstetten and at the Polish location.

Nevertheless, the company also took every opportunity to resist bureaucratic hurdles at the European level, according to information from Mayr, "Matters like the EU regulation on A1 certification for business trips in other European countries or preferential arrangements in customs duties affect locations in Mauerstetten and Ostrzeszow equally."


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