Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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New app by Simplifa for more transparency

Simplifa GmbH (Simplifa), a digital service provider for lift management, unveiled its newly developed app at a production presentation in Berlin.

Simplifa has presented a new app. (Photo: © Simplifa GmbH)

The idea behind it is to create more transparency for all parties involved regarding the conveyance technology in a building. "We constantly witness frustration among various companies in practice.

The owners see the costs, the manager can’t find any service providers and the service providers can’t get any information tailor-made to what they need," explained Ludwig von Busse, co-founder and managing director of Simplifa.

This was where the new app came in, according to Busse. It recorded all the data relating to a lift – for example, technical status, maintenance agreements, construction year or manufacturer.

Data and visualisations can be retrieved at any time

On top of this came 360° visualisation, by means of which owners and technicians could get a comprehensive picture of the situation on the spot from their desks. "Everything can be viewed: from the entrance to the building and shaft to the rope technology.

HandwerkThanks to the enhanced transparency, repair orders can for example be implemented more efficiently and effectively," emphasised Ludwig von Busse.

All of the parties involved could retrieve at any time the data and visualisations that were recorded and regularly updated in the app. Those involved could then integrate the relevant information in their respective ERP systems via an interface.

Better traceability of malfunctions

Better traceability of malfunctions was also possible thanks to the Simplifa lift management. For example, technicians were not only provided with all the information required on the lift involved in advance; the owner or manager could also see directly what the current status of the repair work was.

"We can cut the average processing time until the fault has been cleared significantly," Ludwig von Busse was certain. As a result, checking invoices and deadline management was also much easier.

Simplifa is sure that a large proportion of the current problems could be solved with transparency and specialist knowledge: whether overrunning the budget, the difficult preparation of economic plans or adjusting the life cycle of the properties and conveyance technology installed. According to the start-up company, which has no ties to any manufacturer, technicians, service providers and manufacturers could save on costs through efficient project management.


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