Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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Gustav Wolf GmbH: Ready for the trade war

Gustav Wolf GmbH is well-equipped for the looming trade war between the USA and China, according to the company.

(Photo: © Gustav Wolf)

The decision by the company management in favour of another production plant in the USA, which was already taken at the time Donald Trump’s inauguration, was now paying off.

The axis of three European, one Chinese and one US rope plant for the worldwide lift industry meant the company had a USP, which "guarantees employment as well as profitability for the coming years," stated the wire and rope manufacturer, based in Gutersloh (Germany).

Boost of production capacity

Parallel to the investment in the USA, the position in China was also reinforced. An increase in shares and boost of production capacity to 10,000 t per year were expected to bolster the worldwide trading network of the company and underline the importance of the local Chinese market. Gustav Wolf received a new production licence from the government for this purpose on 8 May.

The company has ten production locations worldwide in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Dubai, the USA and China.


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