Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Alternative to new purchase

The company ADLC provides a repair and replacement service for lift components for over 30 years. President Vincent Robert explains the concept of the company that has its headquarters in Paris.

More than 95 % of the products are shipped according to due lead-time, promises ADLC-President Vincent Robert. (Foto: © ADLC)

What advantages do you provide your customers?
Robert: ADLC is providing with 3 different levels of services:
- Advanced swap: for managing our customers urgencies. One order placed on D-Day before 3.00pm allows our customers to receive our product on D+1 everywhere in Germany.
- Express Repairs: ADLC repairs the item in a maximum of 2 working days.
- Standard Repairs: if no urgency, ADLC repairs the product in 10 working days.

More than 95% of the products are shipped according to due lead-time, repairs are 12 months warranty, repeat return rate is less than 1,5%. As of today, ADLC proposes a list including more than 200 different references of boards and drives with fixed prices. All those products are fully tested on dedicated benches. The « out of price list » products are quoted within 48 hours.

If the product is non repairable, no fees are invoiced to our customers (no cure/no pay). All our documents (acknowledgement of order, quotation, delivery note, invoice) are available in English, Spanish or Italian versions.

What components can you repair – also products from Groups?
Robert: ADLC repairs 7.000 lift products per year: drives, traction boards, car door operators, emergency call systems. We cover main vendors: Kone, Otis, Schindler, Thyssen, Wittur, KEB, Leroy Somer, Omron, Ziehl-Abegg … Among those references, there are some high runners: V3F16L, V3F16es & KDL16L, OVF10, OVF20, OVF20CR, GEN2, Variodyn & Biodyn for Smart, BX & Bionic.

How great is the average price advantage of repair compared to new purchase?
Robert: ADLC’s repair prices are between 20% and 50% of new sales prices.

As a result, you are very much in line with the trend to ecology and sustainability. What role do these motives play in the ADLC product range?
Robert: ADLC was founded in 1987 with the idea to propose an alternative to new purchase in the Telecom market. Since this, ADLC has continuously extended its offer always with the same mission: extending the products lifetime for the lowest price. As a logic trend, ADLC was ISO14001 certified in 2011.

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