Sunday, 23 February 2020
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New elevatorshop – online and live

At this year’s interlift, Hauer will be relying on digital formats, up-to-date tools and high user-friendliness. The company, based in Karlsruhe (Germany), supplies customers in 50 countries worldwide.

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It would like to expand its range even further. "We are constantly looking for new manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers get everything a lift builder needs from us," explained Petra Leonhardt, managing director of the independent supplier for parts for lifts and escalators.

New catalogue: "Hauer 10"

There will be a new Hauer catalogue for the interlift. "The success story of the proven reference work continues with the tenth edition. Those attending the interlift 2019 can get a free copy from Hauer at the stand," explained Leonhardt.

With continually expanded information in four languages and a logical system on 1,100 pages, the catalogue is a tried-and-tested part of Hauer’s service. The catalogue is also available worldwide to customers in digital form with the first smartphone app: access to all spare parts and information is guaranteed from all mobile devices on- and offline.

New online shop 2019

Hauer provides 12,000 articles from over 35 manufacturers in its elevatorshop for the procurement of spare parts. The shop has now been completely overhauled. Customers can find the articles they need faster and more effectively with the new concept and adapt the ordering processes to their personal preferences and needs.

To achieve this, the existing filter system has been expanded and is now presented differently, with a large number of combinable and selectable filters and search functions. The fast search system is not only intended to save time, but also directly suggests a multitude of potential and other articles related to the current spare part search.

Digital watch list

Among other things, the new online shop will in addition offer the function of digital watch lists and the creation of order and search histories. Comparing several articles in a special view function should simplify identifying and deciding on the correct spare parts.

In future, customers will be able to select their orders virtually in their own account in a personalised and project-specific manner. According to company boss Leonhardt, this would accelerate and optimise processes, "Individual favourites and needs lists can be created by customers themselves and adapted for the future."

Hauer will present the new online shop live

The Hauer team will be presenting the new online shop on a promo screen with the latest multi-touch technology in Hall 3, Stand 3206 and in this way will enable visitors to discover the new functions directly on the spot.

Hauer at a glance:
- Independent spare parts supplier with over 20 years’ experience
- 12,000 parts from over 35 manufacturers
- HAUER 10 – new catalogue!
- Smartphone app
- Online shop – Hauer the elevatorshop
- 24-hour delivery service, worldwide
- AEO customs certification
- Order hotline

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