Sunday, 23 February 2020
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New series for regulated control blocks

According to Algi, the acceptance of energy-saving drives on the worldwide lift market promises clear growth potential for hydraulic lift components.

(Photo: Algi)

At the leading world trade fair interlift, Algi will be showing new series for the AZFR 2.0 regulated control blocks and AZFR 2.0 frequency-controlled drives in Hall 1, Stand 1142.

Optimisations and simplifications in start-up, direct entry or connection to a CAN interface between frequency converter and lift control were "the main further developments of our premium drive," explained Algi.

When it came to the supporting frames for cargo lifts, the optimised versions would feature increased maximum loads in direct and indirect design. The XXL series of the direct hydraulic supporting frames has been expanded up to a maximum load of 30 tons.

Easy and affordable installation

The product range of energy-saving, hydraulic drives for industrial lifts has been supplemented with a version without machine room and options with reduced shaft head or reduced shaft pit. In the case of passenger lifts for the residential and business sectors with reduced shaft pit, the S-LINE series has been given an electric safety catch, which offers easy and affordable installation.

HandwerkFurthermore, Algi will be presenting an optimised and sturdy lightweight car for hydraulic car lifts, which features an energy-saving drive that reduces the maximum power supply figures to 50 amperes. In future, a shaft drawing that shows the maximum lift car size in the lift shaft will provide customers for cargo and car lifts with a basis for planning during the tendering phase.

An online tool permits lift companies as well as specialist planners and operators to select all hydraulic drives themselves and to work out the savings in the case of modernisations for example by calculating the future energy consumption of an energy-saving drive.

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