Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Meiller: Bring your smartphone or tablet!

"After the trade fair is before the trade fair!" This is why Meiller, the Munich specialist for lift doors, has already been busy preparing for interlift 2019 for months.

Meiller was busy with the design of its trade fair stand months before the interlift. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren)

For the first time, the Munich specialist for lift doors will be unveiling its new Sprint 4.0 I in Augsburg, which has been specially designed for high speed lifts. The Meiller MiDrive door drive with a switched mode power supply used here can for example open a two-leaf door drive in a little over a second.

Furthermore, the door has a special skate, designed for fast-moving lifts, and 90 mm diameter cast polyamide roller guides with encapsulated ball bearings.

Meiller presented a prototype of its Zenit Xtreme heavy duty door at interlift 2017. The door has now been completely overhauled and deployed. At the trade fair stand (Hall 5, stand 5151) visitors will as it were be able to walk through the threshold gap between the shaft and a car door and view the mechanism and solid design of the door in detail.

Get a virtual picture

Those who would like to get a realistic impression of this door as it looks in the six-leaf design with the maximum door width of 8000 mm and a door height of 5000 mm can get a virtual picture. In other words: augmented reality. Visitors can find out just exactly how that works at the trade fair stand. At this point, just one tip: "Be sure to bring your smartphone or tablet along," the company recommends.

Meiller has been supplying solutions with four-leaf, upwardly opening car- and landing doors for years. The lift door specialist will again be exhibiting a sample of its vertical door Premius, which is in widespread use, at the interlift.

Finally, Meiller will be showing its new design driven landing doors for the first time. These are intended to be used in many different areas: replacement of the previous F-doors for conveyance technology, doors for inclined lifts and doors for heavy cargo lifts where the mechanical coupling of doors with skate and hook bolt is rather problematic.

Providing a glimpse of the future

A remote support menu has been added to the MiDrive app for the Meiller MiDrive door drive that was unveiled at the 2017 interlift. This will enable the service technician on the spot to communicate with the Meiller technicians in WhatsApp style and get support from them. Visitors will not only be able to try this out, but Meiller will also be providing a glimpse of the future: live communication using data glasses.

When it comes to safety, familiar Meiller systems will be on show: FingerGuard – a safety system to protect against children’s fingers getting trapped. ScooterGuard – doors that reduce the risk of an electro scooter falling into the lift shaft. In a heavily reinforced form, IndustryGuard doors in a similar way reduce the risk of heavy electric transport vehicles of the kind commonly used in industry driving through the landing door and plunging into the shaft.

In addition, Meiller will be unveiling a SmokeGuard door: a smoke-proof curtain made of a special material, which is moved in front of the landing door, sealing off the door in the event of fire and in this way preventing toxic smoke from the burning floor reaching other floors through the lift shaft.

Presentation of single leaf hinged door DT 39/1

Meiller will also have a range of its new RepKits for the replacement of defective car door drives at the fair, especially for modernising the doors of third party manufacturers. Another new feature is a variable skate, which is intended to provide solutions for the replacement of almost any third party skate as a spreading-, clamping- or rigid skate thanks to its versatile installation and setting options.

Finally, Meiller will also be bringing along its single leaf hinged door DT 39/1, which is additionally reinforced and ideally designed for the use in socially critical residential buildings.

A presentation of the complete range of the new Gravida threshold generation is intended to round off the picture, according to the company, "On the basis of samples, visitors can get an impression of the quality of these door thresholds."

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