Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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SafeLine: Stars and star constellations

SafeLine to venture higher than ever before at interlift: The plans include the unveiling of a new cloud service for their products, new IoT solutions, as well as a new marketing concept – the SafeLine Galaxy.

(Photo: © SafeLine)

SafeLine has been keeping busy the two years since last Interlift. With IoT solutions moving in a rapid pace forward, SafeLine joins ranks with a completely new digital platform – SafeLine Orion.

Through this platform, customers will be able to integrate all future SafeLine products and monitor lifts from the comfort of their office at a very competitive price.

For their best-seller, the SafeLine SL6, this means real-time monitoring and configuration for all GSM versions right from the start.

Configure the products through the platform

"All SafeLine SL6’s with a GSM board that were manufactured less than five years ago only needs an update of software and then they’re ready – no 4G connection required. All of the alarms will be delivered in an instant to Orion and customers will be able to configure their products directly through the platform from anywhere in the world", says Lars Gustafsson, Technical Manager at SafeLine.

SafeLine will offer the digital platform to customers as a paid subscription service where users have individual accounts and customers that sign up for the service before the end of the year can also expect an attractive launch offer.

Products to be integrated into Orion

"Without getting into any details, we can say it will be at a very competitive price. A lot of the services we offer in regards to the lift telephones is included free of charge, like the test alarms and configuration."

The plan is for all future SafeLine products to be integrated into Orion, meaning a breaking point for SafeLine and the start of a completely new chain of products called the SafeLine Galaxy.

New products from SafeLine will be named after stars and star constellations and be part of this connected galaxy.

Continuing the development of the SafeLine brand

The Marketing Manager at SafeLine, Tarja Rosén, gives her thoughts on how this new marketing concept was invented: "We are continuing the development of the SafeLine brand with this new step. We chose the stars and the night sky because it really inspires us. It’s something positive, international and timeless. No matter the culture or the language – the stars and space is something we all have in common.

"It stands for quality, commitment and sustainability – all of which you get with SafeLine’s products – but it also stands for the pioneering spirit that founded this company once upon a time. We want to be that guiding star in lift safety for our customers and invite them to our world of products and services, says Tarja Rosén.

Latest technical upgrades

Along with all of these new releases, SafeLine will also be showing the latest technical upgrades done to already released products, such as updates for the latest EN 81-28 changes and VoLTE implementation for their GSM products.

"It’s important to us that we always support long-time customers and this is something we have been talking with them about for a long time. We will give VoLTE support to all our current GSM products, starting with the SL6 and GL6. And all of our future products will of course feature it from the start. The great thing about VoLTE is that it is backwards compatible with the DTMF protocol, meaning better bandwidth and audio quality", says Lars Gustafsson.

SafeLine will exhibit at hall 3, stand 3013 at interlift.

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