Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Dekra: Digital guardian for lifts

At the interlift 2019, Dekra will be presenting an innovative cloud monitoring solution for lifts. The "Dekra Lift Explorer" is intended to enable lift operators to improve safety and efficiency and optimise maintenance.

(Photo: © Dekra)

The "Dekra Lift Explorer" consists of a high tech box the size of a smartphone package, fitted on the top of the lift car. Uncomplicated installation by a lift tester, service employee or the facility management should be possible.

Its use is possible across brands, without altering the mechanism or controller. The target groups are manufacturers, owners and operators as well as maintenance teams.

Measurement data appear in real time

The box records all trips, the position of the car, door movements and load. The measurement data appear in real time on a web-based cloud dashboard, which simultaneously serves to administer the lifts. Based on the information collected, targeted maintenance and care measures can be deduced and as a result lift availability increased.

Moreover, the "Dekra Lift Explorer" also provides additional safety, exceeding statutory requirements. If the lift comes to a stop between landings, the operator can react immediately, independently of an emergency call. This development by Dekra itself is marketed by Dekra Digital GmbH, which expedites innovation and digitalisation projects within the Dekra Group.

Dekra at the interlift: Hall 7/Stand 7123.

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