Saturday, 22 February 2020
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New system: VICI

Apart from its current products HydroElite VENI, VIDI and MRL, Hydroware has presented its latest product VICI at the interlift (market launch 2020).

The HydroElite VIDI reduces energy consumption compared to a mechanical or electronic valve by up to 70 perdent. (Photo: © Hydroware)

"This completely new drive and control system is the result of comprehensive industry experience combined with clever engineering," according to the Swedish company, which recently moved its German office to Ratingen.

Completely new experience

HandwerkThe VICI drive unit, featuring the inverter drive developed by Hydroware and energy recovery during downwards trips, would bring hydraulic lifts to the next development level, Hydroware emphasised.

The new modern H² control unit has been entirely developed for CANopen-LIFT and is intended to offer a completely new experience with its web-based user interface and Cloud connection: the controller can be accessed on site and from any location at any time.


Hydraulic lifts suffered from the disadvantage of a high power and energy demand for a long time. According to Hydroware, it has solved this problem with its servo valve. Since the servo valve regulates the oil flow during the entire trip, the frequency converter does not have to regulate the frequency from 0-50 Hz. It restricts the maximum current by regulating the frequency between 70 Hz and 50 Hz.

This permits a somewhat lower speed at over 30 percent load, which makes a big difference for the power demand of hydraulic lifts, but only a very small difference to the travel time. 50 percent of all trips are with an empty car and 0 percent of all trips at full load, in accordance with VDI 4707. An example: HydroElite VIDI normally transports a 1000 kg lift with only 16 A at a top speed of 0.63 m / s.

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