Sunday, 23 February 2020
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Lift control stations, EL AD series

The EL AD series lift control stations are designed to drive the lift movement during control and maintenance operations.

EL AD series lift control station. (Photo: © Pizzato)

Robustness: The protection of devices against impacts or kicks is guaranteed by both the solid structure of the control station and by the use of buttons which are integrated and therefore do not protrude from the surface. In addition, the use of robust guards for particularly bulky control switches, such as the emergency button or selector, makes the product applicable in the toughest environments.

Modularity: The enlarged design allows the use of more than one device and is completely customizable by the customer for the arrangement and typology of the control switches. This is thanks to the innovative cover structure (patent filed) that allows the free arrangement of holes and device housing designs.

HandwerkEase of cabling: The design of the product offers many technical and practical advantages, the first of which is the ease of cabling: in addition to the four inputs for cables on the base there are up to 6 inputs on the cover. Having the inputs directly on the cover means having inputs, wiring and devices all positioned on the same side of the station, thus simplifying and speeding up the cabling and closing of the control station.

Rear fixing of the cover: The cover fixing screws on the base are positioned behind the control station, which can then be opened only once removed from the wall where it is fixed, making tampering attempts more difficult.

EL AD series with reduced 60 mm height

The constant optimization of space in the lift compartment has led to the need for reduced height control stations without compromising robustness, reliability and practicality in manual device operation.

To meet this requirement, Pizzato has designed the new EL AD series control station with a reduced height of 60mm. The reduced height of the station allows you to continue using standard height contact blocks, built-in devices, emergency pushbuttons and selectors with protective guards.

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