Sunday, 19 January 2020
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40 years Stingl GmbH: it all began in a cellar...

Stingl GmbH combines many competences and products under one roof. The family company from Obersulm (German) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019.

Leonhard Stingl started his own business in 1979. Since then, the family company has developed ontinuously. (Photo: © Stingl)

Sting is today a one-shop supplier for components in lift building, expert for attachment techno logy and shaft equipment, specialist for custom solutions. But the first company headquarters were admittedly small – a room in a cellar.

But "the entrepreneurial spirit and the extensive, decades-long experience of sales and construction in the lift sector were all the greater," as the company describes its own beginnings. Leon hard Stingl started his own business in 1979. Since then, the family company has developed continuously.

Market is supplied at short notice

Stingl GmbH, based in Obersulm near Heilbronn, serves customers in Germany, while Stingl Systems GmbH is responsible for international business. The company provides solutions for controllers, operating equipment, limit switches and cable manufacture with its other subsidiary, Stingl Services GbR.

HandwerkThe many domestic and foreign customers include lift companies, construction companies, industrial operators of lifts, facility management companies and the oil industry.

The next generation has long been active in the business: the children Alexander Stingl and Sabine Rothenburger joined the company 27 years ago. "The market is supplied at short notice and on time from the spacious office and warehouse complex – located picturesquely in the heart of the Württemberg wine growing region," Stingl GmbH emphasised.

Safety in all its varieties

"We know the requirements of our customers and not only offer high quality standard products, but also tailor-made, practical solutions in special construction" – according to managing director Alexander Stingl’s description of the range of the portfolio.

As a result, every aspect of safety in the lift is served: parts that have to be attached to the wall cladding of the lift - for example, anchoring rails, scaffolding sockets and ceiling load points – are supplied directly to the building site just-in-time. Stingl also provides mobile scaffolding platform solutions, shaft pit ladders, shaft safeguarding products and means of attachment for people and loads.

Product range is continually expanding

The standard product range also includes lifting hooks and covering solutions for escalators. "We are continually expanding and optimising our product range," explained Alexander Stingl. "We are not only reacting to constantly changing market requirements but acting to anticipate the existing and future needs of our customers."

These solutions now also include energy-saving LED lighting systems, shaft smoke extraction solutions or lift car protective cladding, with which transport during moves can be carried out with the lift without damaging it.

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