Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Elevator Drive E300: Setup via Motor type selection

Control Techniques has showcased at this year’s interlift its Elevator Drive E300 – a drive with wide ranging application which can be powered across the megawatt range and up to 690V from the mains.

Smartcard for setup via motor type selection. (Photo: © Control Techniques)


It significantly assists in one of the biggest challenges facing the engineer: combining the latest technology with market requirements. And with one of the top requirements for elevators being to make the operational mechanics as unobtrusive as possible, the E300 is a device to this end. Power density is key.

Attuned to elevator technology, encoder systems enable the E300 to work in all motors, making it a candidate for any elevator upgrading program. And in addition to analog and digital parallel interface, it can be used with DCP 3, DCP 4 and has the option to work with the increasingly popular CANopen CiA417 profile (the only open-network platform for lift operation).

Driving Comfort

Apart from optimising control devices, the integration of safety features without motor contactors has contributed significantly to driving comfort. The lift Elevator Drive E300 is the second generation of frequency inverters from Control Techniques for motor operation without contactors in the motor circuit for rope lifts and hydraulic lifts.

HandwerkThis reduces noise and footprint and cost – as well as providing opportunity for installation by untrained personnel. Certified for protective safe operation, the monitoring of the brake contacts is certified for operation UCM TÜV.

Further drive comfort enhancements are the quiet operation of motor and inverter, optional vibration damping, jerk-free start and optimised travel curve, including direct approach (positioning without creeping reducing travel time). The Elevator Drive E300 already has a favourable legacy in Gearless motors where its function in 1:1 suspension in low and high-speed performance systems gave improved ride comfort.

Successful Partnership at a Higher Level

For many years, Nidec Control Techniques has been working with its partners in the elevator industry. The fruits of this are further developments in the area of lift interfaces such as DCP and CiA417 as well as innovations such as the contactorless operation of the lift motor. As early as 2007, the world's first TÜV certified inverter for operation without motor contactors was freely available on the market, and presented with the Unidrive SP.

The long-standing partnership between the companies LiftEquip and Nidec Control Techniques was raised last year to a higher level. The Control Techniques E300 series was selected as a strategic component by LiftEquip and will replace the MFC series. In order to ensure the level of user-friendliness of the MFC series, Control Techniques has met the requirement that the data of the LiftEquip motors can readily be called up for commissioning.

At Interlift 2019, a new method for setting the inverter by simply selecting the motor type has been presented. This means that not only the motor data but also the complete adjustment of all necessary travel parameters of the E300 elevator is carried out, so that it can be put into operation without additional settings by untrained personnel if necessary. A demonstration of this is the ease with which adjustments to set-up can be undertaken. Adding new motors or updating the motor map is much easier than other solutions on the market: the E300 requires only the change of memory card.


The Elevator Drive E300 with its various interfaces and options presents benefits which – almost without exception – can be realized by every customer. Whether new plant, replacement of existing drives or a more comprehensive upgrade, the E300 gives unparalleled scope and flexibility. Recovery, where necessary, can be easily attained using emergency UPS or diesel.

Dr  Holger König, Control Techniques ‘Director Germany and Austria

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