Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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Car protection without damaging the car…

Averdi has been providing protective car cladding for years so that operators can make their lifts available for transport or work in the building with an easy mind.

(Photo: © Averdi)

The company has now developed a self-supporting solution.Suction holders can be provided for glass walls, but these come at a cost, depending on their quality. Suction holders also have to undergo regular checks – thermal differences, moisture and dirt reduce their adhesion. Attachment elements can be fixed to car walls not made out of glass, but these remain in the car.

If a suspended car ceiling was installed, it may be possible with a deft touch to conceal attachment bolts in a continuous shadow joint. Otherwise, the attachment bolts remain visible, but this solution is often unwelcome. Hooks for suspension in the suspended ceiling frequently cause damage.

Alternative solution

An alternative solution is one where protective mats are suspended on tensioners. However, this requires corresponding sensitivity to avoid excessive tensioning of the elements.

HandwerkUnfortunately, cladding the car with wood is still a widespread method. This produces a lot of waste and always has to be done anew. Consequently, Peter Erdmann, founder of Averdi - spurred by customer queries – looked for a practical solution. The result was an independently standing structure that with some practice can be set up by one person. Two people are obviously better – at any rate, it’s then faster.

Protected car ceiling

The frame is erected and fixed with Allen screws. On the side, profiles with screw plates can be mounted to prevent lateral displacement. In addition, this structure permits the car ceiling to be protected.

Since the ceiling is protected with transparent protective mats, the lighting is for the most part unrestricted. The protective mats are then attached with cable ties. Any height difference can also be evened out with these cable ties.

Both sides of the protective mat are identical, guaranteeing flexible use. All of the material, including storage bags, is documented in a parts list and available as spare parts or as additions.

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