Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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Emergency call system makes lifts smart

The Austrian company View Promotion presented the first multi-functional lift communication platform at the interlift 2019.

(Photo: © View Promotion GmbH)

It is to be a consistent further development of the first barrier-free "Smart Emergency Systems" unveiled by View Promotion at the 2017 interlift. Every lift needs an emergency call system. View2 – the first multi-functional lift communication platform – is intended in addition to be useful in various other ways, the Austrian company explained.

"For example, by earning money with advertising, assuming tasks of the lift attendant, simplifying communication of the building management with residents, helping to reduce vandalism, actively increasing operational safety and excluding false alarms and the associated costs. In short, it makes the lift smarter overall."

In addition, the lift communication platform is barrier-free, manufacturer-neutral, easy to install and forward-looking.

Reducing the effort and costs

The View2 system networks all actors involved in the use, administration and supervision of lifts in the cloud. This creates a central safety, information and communication hub for every lift.

With this innovation, ViewElevator is also intended to contribute to reducing the effort and costs for all parties involved, significantly improve safety and communication for users and operators and create the basis for optimised forward-looking maintenance.

View2 includes the "first barrier-free emergency call system based on the two-senses principle", automatic recognition of emergencies and objects in the car and a communication & info screen.

Manufacturer-neutral status monitoring

The new modular View2 hybrid system was the easiest way to retrofit lifts manufacturer-neutrally with a system for status monitoring and forward-looking maintenance, according to the company.

Based on the data of the lift sensors and image recognition, the cloud-based system analyses the status of the lift system with self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence and creates the precondition for predicting errors. Expansion of the plug&play-capable systems is uncomplicated and open to additional future functions.

As an open system, View2 should be capable of integration with any standard commercial emergency call system while being easy to install and also suitable for existing lifts of all providers.

The modular architecture of the View2 system permits modification of the configuration to the current requirements of the operator. Consequently, retrofitting and expansions should also continue to be effortlessly possible. View2 is an all-IP emergency call system in which all of the communication, including speech transmission (VoIP), occurs digitally.

Automatic recognition of emergency calls

"View Sense" exploits AI for the early detection of suspicious or critical situations. The system pays attention to defined movement patterns and provides information on suspicious and critical processes. The system automatically detects medical emergencies like unconsciousness, if a person in a car is being harassed or if objects are left in the car.

Artificial intelligence works in the background on the basis of an image comparison algorithm. Maintenance functions for lift operators and maintenance companies can likewise be activated to check technical status. This includes door zone monitoring and stopping precision as well as vandalism detection. As soon as a situation is suspicious or critical, the assigned emergency call centre is notified.

Thanks to the camera-supported emergency detection "View Eye", the staff in the emergency call centre can evaluate the situation in the car if people do not react to the emergency call tripping. Since one can assume that delay involves risks, the incident-related camera-activation was unobjectionable in data protection terms, the company emphasised.

Lower costs

Remuneration for the optional playing of advertising messages via the View system pays for the running costs. Depending on the trip number, this "advertising income" may cover the complete costs for emergency readiness and telephone connection fees.

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