Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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The car of the future can be powered contactless

Among other things, at the interlift 2019 Weidmüller presented the smart shaft wiring system FieldPower Elevator and FreeCon Contactless.

Contactless energy transmission – maintenance-free and up to 240 W. (Photo: © FreeCon Contactless)

The car of the future can be powered contactless with a maintenance-free energy transmission solution. The installation system for lift technology "FieldPower Elevator" should simplify work processes and boost lift efficiency.

According to Weidmüller, this provides a much shorter installation time. Two key components form the basis of the system: the shaft wiring box and 11-pole flat cable. "The number of less components optimises logistics costs and simplifies project planning. This is especially advantageous in modernising existing installations," explained the company.

Reliable connection with the flat cable

The shaft wiring boxes are designed to meet the requirements of the lift industry, irrespective of whether passenger or cargo lifts, new installations or modernisations. The two-point piercing contacts of the shaft wiring box guarantee reliable connection with the flat cable.

HandwerkThe push-in technology of the connection terminals at the back of the box ensure fast wiring of safety circuits, command buttons and floor position displays.

The Weidmüller FieldPower Elevator system allow to configure and to combie different functionalities, such as: shaft feed-in, door landing and pit termination for the transmission of energy, signals and data. The installation of the shaft wiring boxes will follow simple operating steps – without special tools.

Contactless energy transmission – maintenance-free and up to 240 W

The lift travelling cables have been eliminated: this is the next development step in lift technology. What sounds like pie in the sky is already reality today: FreeCon Contactless from Weidmüller allows, by means of inductive resonance coupling, to transmit power over an air gap – maintenance free and with maximum efficiency Contacting errors are hindered in this way and maintenance costs significantly reduced.

Consequently, the energy supply of the car can be buffered by a battery, which is charged via FreeCon Contacless e.g. during the standby times of the lift – maintenance-free and up to 240 W.

Another future step for the "travelling cable-free" car connectivity is the internal data transmission with 5G networks. Weidmüller contributes its expertise from their industrial competences in the development of the next mobile communications standard 5G for real time applications at the national and international level.

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