Friday, 24 January 2020
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iDiscover: pre-launch before interlift

Cedes has launched a product intended to revolutionise lift safety. Cedes recently presented this innovation to guests from all over Europe, to enable them to discover the product prior to interlift 2019.

(Photo: © Cedes)

It took almost five years to develop iDiscovery. It is not only intended to take lift safety to a whole new level, but also eliminate the need for many previously required individual components.

HandwerkPrior to this year’s interlift trade fair, executives from leading European manufacturers of lift controllers were able to discover what makes iDiscovery tick and how lifts will be utilizing it in the future. Cedes wanted to use the pre-launch to inform the intermediate customers about iDiscovery.

Forty company representatives from nine countries accepted the invitation to Landquart on 19 and 20 September 2019. "We are honoured by the great interest in our product and it also shows that the market has really been waiting for a product like iDiscovery," explained Andreas Hunziker, Managing Director EMEA & RoW.

Now you only need one system

iDiscovery is a position supervisor unit that together with the absolute positioning system (APS, shaft information system) from CEDES assumes most of the safety-relevant functions of a lift. Instead of many mechanical systems, you now only need one. CEDES Group CEO Christian Erik Thöny personally explained the advantages of the new product to the invited guests.

HandwerkEvery single component of iDiscovery is manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Landquart and tested; something the guests were able to see for themselves during a tour of the factory. The test lift, which has already completed more than 1.2 million rides this year alone, perfectly illustrates the straightforward configuration of iDiscovery in the field.

A teach process can be started at any time, regardless of the position of the car, and even a single ride past the position indicator clips and the rated speed clips provides the easy-to-handle device with all the information required for configuration. How many centimetres can be re-adjusted and how is the tape mounted in case of an inclined shaft wall? These were some of the questions of the trade visitors about development and travel behaviour.

Less time and fewer costs

"iDiscovery is a super high-performance system, it is very advanced, modular and makes a highly professional impression," Peter Gerstenmeyer, Head of Product Development at Böhnke + Partner GmbH was full of praise. In the simulation room, the guests were finally given the opportunity to try out the new technology for themselves – and here too lively discussions with Michael Schatt, APS Project Manager at CEDES, ensued.

HandwerkThe guests appeared to be particularly impressed by the increased level of safety offered by iDiscovery. More safety for lift passengers but also for maintenance staff – the questions of the business representatives clearly indicated the strict safety demands of the major manufacturers. "And here iDiscovery left no doubts whatsoever," Hünziker was pleased to note.

"But iDiscovery also offers something else: The keyword here is less – less complex and less time consuming in terms of commissioning, which in turn leads to fewer costs," Cedes emphasized. "In my opinion, reducing installation time and thus staff costs is the right way to go, and iDiscovery seems to offer a very clear advantage in this respect," according to Jörn Wittig, GAT Gemeinschaft Aufzugs-Technik eG.

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